High-Speed Internet

Advanced fiber-optic network offering customizable solutions to benefit your business.

James Valley's fiber-optic network provides high capacity connections at ultra fast speeds and is entirely customizable for your business with several options to choose from. Let the experts at James Valley work with you to determine what is best for your business today and what your future needs will be.



James Valley's Metro Ethernet is an all-fiber optic network with speeds up to 100Mb, providing reliable multi-location business connections. Pay as you grow, starting with 3Mb and increasing bandwidth by 1Mb increments, offering the most advanced way to receive the Internet or share voice, data and video services.

(PRI/T1) is a dedicated phone connection supporting data rates of 1.54 Megabits per second (Mbps). A T1 line actually consists of 24 individual channels, each of which supports 64Kbits per second. Each channel can be configured to carry voice or data traffic.

The signal in T-3 carrier, carries a multiple of 28 DS1 signals of 672 DSOs or 44.736 Mbps.

James Valley will help you determine the bandwidth you need for your business.