Cell Phone Service

Take advantage of cell phone service through James Valley!

Cell Phone Service


James Valley has constructed over 20 cell towers and sites throughout Groton and the surrounding towns to provide superior local network coverage. James Valley has partnered with national firms to offer extended national coverage.


One of the biggest advantages of purchasing your cell phone service from James Valley is the opportunity to have all of your telecommunications services on one bill. In addition, the cell phone bundles offer a substantial discount over your regular rates.








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Discounts Available For Low Income Telephone and Cell Phone Customers

If you cannot afford telephone or cell phone service, Lifeline may help you pay part of your monthly phone costs if you qualify for the program. Participants can save up to $9.25 on their monthly telephone or cell phone bill for basic local service. The discount applies only to basic local phone or cell phone service where the eligible participant resides. Call 397-2323 or toll-free 1-800-556-6525 for more information.