Clear Talk Tariff Details

1. Message Telecommunications Service

1.3 Optional Calling Plans (Cont’d)

1.3.5 Clear Talk Calling Plan

(A) General

This section contains the terms and conditions and prices applicable to the “Clear Talk” Calling Plan.

(B) Description

The “Clear Talk” Calling Plan applies to Interstate and Intrastate 1+ direct dialed calls originating from residential customers. On such eligible calls, residential customers will receive “Clear Talk” Calling Plan rates on Interstate and Intrastate 1+ direct dialed MTS calls. (Operator Services, 5XX, 7XX, 8XX, 9XX, Travel Card and Directory Assistance calls are not eligible for “Clear Talk” Calling Plan rates.)

(C) Terms and Conditions

(1) This calling plan will be available to residential customers only, within the restrictions and the limitations set forth in other provisions of this Price List.

(2) Participants in the “Clear Talk” Calling Plan are not eligible for other Optional Calling Plans. No additional discounts beyond those offered in this “Clear Talk” Calling Plan are available to subscribers for calls applicable to this plan.

(3) MTS calling not covered by the “Clear Talk” Calling Plan will be furnished under the terms and conditions specified elsewhere in this Price List for such service.

(4) “Clear Talk” rates are applicable to all calls regardless of distance, time of day, day of week, and/or holidays, for all eligible Interstate and Intrastate calls.

1. Message Telecommunications Service

1.3 Optional Calling Plans (Cont’d)

1.3.5 Clear Talk Calling Plan (Cont’d)

(C) Terms and Conditions (Cont’d)

(4) Billing Arrangements

(a) The plan may be activated at any time during the billing period. However, “Clear Talk” rates are applicable on a go forward basis from the day of activation.

(b) Where the customer has more than one line, one plan and its associated charges will apply for each line, which will carry calls to be billed under the “Clear Talk” Calling Plan.

(a) Minimum timing per interstate message is three minutes. Timing of additional interstate minutes and fractions thereof will be rounded to the next minute for each interstate message.

(5) Termination of Plans

James Valley Telecommunications, LLC may terminate this James Valley “Clear Talk” Optional Call Plan and withdraw the rates set forth below, at any time, following appropriate tariff revisions.


1. Message Telecommunications Service

1.3 Optional Calling Plans (Cont’d)

1.3.5 Clear Talk Calling Plan (Cont’d)

(D) Price Regulations

(1) Service Order charges are not applicable to this plan.

(2) At the Company’s option, a monthly recurring charge may be applicable. If applicable, it will be applied in a non-discriminating fashion to all subscribers to this plan. This recurring charge may be paid in arrears so as to be paid for the same period as the toll charge with which it is associated. The monthly recurring charge, if applicable, entitles the customer to “Clear Talk” rates for all eligible calls.

(E) Rates

(1) The rates below apply to all calls included in the “Clear Talk” Calling Plan and are in addition to the charges applicable to the class and type of local exchange service to which the customer subscribes.

Service Rate

(a) Monthly Recurring Charge Company Option

(b) Minimum Rate Per Call $0.15

(c) Rate Per Minute $0.05

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