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Watch TV Everywhere

View your favorite TV programming on devices other than a TV – such as a tablet, laptop or PC.

Watch TV Everywhere is now available to JVT residential customers! WTVE is a FREE service that allows you to view your favorite TV programming on devices other than a TV – such as a tablet, laptop or PC with an Internet signal. With JVT’s UNLIMITED DATA PLAN, you can also stream shows on your smart phone all day long with NO data overage charges!

Each TV network makes their own decision about what to make available on WTVE. We are currently working with many program providers to add to our lineup and will launch new networks on WTVE as they become available to us. Keep in mind that network availability is dependent on your television package subscription. For example, you must be a Science Channel subscriber in order to watch Science Channel’s WTVE programs.


To Register:
• Go to

• From the drop down, select NVC as your provider.

•Click on register and complete the information requested, including your NVC account number (found on your bill – include zeroes and the dash) and an email address.

• After registering, check the email address you provided for a WTVE activation link.

• Click on the link to complete the registration process.

• Sit back and enjoy your new way to watch TV! Please call 397-2323 with any questions

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